Veho Muvi Aerial Drone

Real estate is a competitive field, so you need a professional, competitive drone. When searching for commercial drones for sale for the specific purpose of taking pictures to show prospective buyers, you should look for a powerhouse drone. The Veho is a durable, fast-flying model built with a 3-axis gimbal to reduce vibrations, shaking, and movement. It is compatible with Muvi K-Series and GoPro HERO ¾ cameras, allowing you to capture clear, quality images and video with your camera of choice. Three flight speeds, including eco, drive, and sports mode give you options and the battery allows up to twenty minutes of flight time. The GPS system gives you total flight control and allows you to maintain altitude and orientation, so you achieve just the right angles for all of your pics. A return home function keeps your drone close and brings it back safely when it’s time to wrap up your photoshoot.

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