QCopter QC1

Remote Control Quadcopter With Camera

Lightweight, cheap, and easy to use, the QCopter QC1 shoots 720p HD in a stabilized flight mode that makes it easy for beginners to master. The flying time is an excellent 15 minutes, double that of most of its peers, and the inclusion of an extra rechargeable battery means you can effectively double that time again. The QC1 features a bright green paint scheme that makes it exceptionally easy to spot when in flight, and it lights up for night flying as well. The photo camera shoots 2MP resolution for outstanding still shots. The range of the remote control is 328 feet, making exploration a lot of fun. Included prop guards will protect the propellers in the event of a crash for extra peace of mind. Durable, easy to fly, HD video, and glow in the dark visibility make the QCopter QC1 a versatile and simple to operate flying machine.

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