Contixo F17 Photography Drone

Looking for the best drone for commercial use? You’ll want something with bells and whistles that generates great output and can fly the distance, like the Contixo F17 Photography Drone. Equipped with a 4K ultra high definition camera, this drone can also support a GoPro and connect to your smartphone, too. That’s three different ways for you to capture stunning photos and videos in high definition quality. Even better? You can remove the action camera and use it without the drone! How cool is that? If you want to get a shot closer to the ground, simply remove the camera and take it yourself manually. The F17+ is equipped with brushless motors that reduce friction between motor parts and in turn prolong battery life compared to conventional motors. Speaking of the battery, this model features a high capacity battery that allows flights of up to 18 minutes. A buzzer alerts you when the battery is low, so you’ll stay on top of charging your product. And the Contixo comes with a convenient aluminum hard case to protect it when it’s not in use.

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